The Pep Talk

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Pep Talk
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Pep Guardiola, Barcelona Coach, has won more trophies in two years than many coaches have won in their lives. Despite what some cynics might say (*cough* Ibra *cough*), this cannot be entirely attributed to the squad he has at his disposal. While we agree that you cannot throw a stone in the Barca dressing room without beaning some player or the other who is the best in his position, a group of brilliant individuals does not a brilliant team make. Ask Real Madrid.

Pep: Quick, I am holding him! Someone, cut his hair!

So how does Pep do it? It can’t be just his immaculate fashion sense (which by the way you can’t help but hope would rub off on his players a bit). Though Pep could well have authored “What the well dressed man is wearing”, we doubt if that’s the source of his powers. No. We at FCBFD feel this can only be attributed to one thing – The Pep Talk. Any man who can say “Ceuta is the most dangerous opponent we will face this year” with a straight face and have a team of superstars believe him must be blessed with strange hypnotic powers, an unshakeable aura that makes you think you must be stupid to think he is joking.

Without much more ado, here are some pearls of Pep wisdom for the day.

 “Osasuna will put us in our place”: Never fear, Pep’s method of inspiring his lads is through predictions of gloom and doom. Been there before.

 “Real Madrid will be doubly dangerous for the rest of the season” – More gloom and doom. Get the idea?

“This (Osasuna) could be a good test to show us if we are ready to compete for the league”: We have to admit, that one knocked us for a loop. I mean, 4 days after winning 5-0 against dominant Real Madrid, we almost began to fear the El Classico had finally pushed Pep over the edge. But what do we know, right? Our Pep moves in mysterious circles his wonders to perform.

Leaving you with this:


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