Barcelona on High Alert for Pique Attack

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Random Observations
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Barcelona police has issued a city-wide alert for the people to watch out for Gerard Pique, FC Barcelona player and central defender. Much like Goldilocks, Pique has the tendency to arbitrarily land up at your doorstep, make like Ferran Adria, clean out your fridge (while making disparaging remarks comparing it to a monkey’s behind) and take a nap on your bed, before departing in a two-seater convertible to pick up unsuspecting old ladies at the bus stand. His latest victim is rumored to be Carles Puyol, FC Barcelona Captain, whose plans to spend his day-off cozying up with his supermodel girlfriend in his house was thwarted by a sudden Pique attack. Puyol could not be reached for comments. You can follow the man himself on twitter @3gerardpique for more detailed information on the attacks.

  1. doris says:

    😀 well done guys! hahaha I bet that houndreds of fangirls are looking for next clue where to find Geri tomorrrow:P

  2. […] and decorating christmas trees count as aforementioned hard work. Pique, it seems, has given up gate-crashing lunch sessions after Pep Guardiola recieved multiple complaints, and Pep has now resigned himself to […]

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