Wenger Upset with Barcelona Players (Again!)

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Random Observations
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Right now, twitter is a happy place to be, with friends tweeting ooohhhhh to each other (whatever that means) and making dinner plans (albeit not at Puyol’s place owing to distinct lack of yoghurt in the fridge). However, if there’s one person who is not happy, that would be Arsene Wenger. Wenger has barely finished taking a couple of breaths after fending away attempts from FC Barcelona players to influence Cesc Fabregas through the press, and now they are offering him dinner through twitter, and he is not happy (did we say that already?) It is reported that Wenger has promised to take the Arsenal kids first team to the zoo and buy them all lollipops if they tweet ‘Oooohhh’s to Cesc on a regular basis and keep inviting him home for dinner, you know, just to make Cesc feel at home in London. We could not reach Theo Walcott for comments.  And just in case you’re wondering if it’s a bit odd that La Masia graduates can’t tweet about anything other than lunch and dinner, Lionel Messi spent his day-off playing UNICEF ambassador with a bunch of precocious school kids saying things like “I would stick a goal to child mortality, because the causes which are behind 22,000 deaths of children under 5 every day are preventable”. We swear to you, we didn’t make that up, maybe the UNICEF press center did. Here’s the link. Who would have thunk the Messiah is a closet statistician?


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