Xavi Wants More People in Ballon d’Or Top 3

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Random Observations
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You know Xavi Hernandez. Not only is he a supremely talented midfielder, but we also know our second captain to be a magnanimous man who would divide up the Ballon d’Or amongst all football players if given the chance. And Xavi thinks the Sneijder Ballon d’Or snub is not right. “Wesley Sneijder should be in the top 3” he insists, “As should Forlan, Casillas, Puyol, Xabi, Dani,Villa and Gyan. Am I missing someone else?” As far as we know, probably the remaining players in the shortlisted 23. Perhaps we should include Diego Milito too and make it a nice even 24.  We are also surprised that Gareth Bale is missing in the top 3. And why ever not, the more the merrier! Only, there is a small mathematical inconvenience in that the top three cannot consist of twenty five people. Drats! It’s all FIFA’s fault!

Note: The Ballon d’Or is not decided by any single FIFA representative pulling random names out of his hat, but by a well defined voting process over a large voting base of captains, coaches and journalists. So we fail to see why the Italian population is miffed about Sneijder snub, unless FIFA accidentally omitted to include the Inter Milan player in their ballot.


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