Breaking News: Rosell Proposes New Headgear Sponsor

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Random Observations
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Bendable plastic headgears

Sandro Rosell, esteemed Barcelona President, has come up with another new tradition-breaking sponsorship deal , oddly enough again with Qatar Foundation, a non-profit organization that donates millions of dollars every year to football teams for no apparent cause. The revolutionary headgear to be worn by FC Barcelona players will just have a tree on it (on both sides that too), and is estimated to be worth an additional 40 million Euros per year (The headgear sponsorship is worth more than the shirt sponsorship as the players look so darned ridiculous with it that noone can help staring). The headgears are made of bendable plastic so as to not affect the header abilities of the player, though considering the average height of the FCB team, it might as well be made of jelly. It will also serve as a make-shift protection gear for Gerard Pique and might keep him from bleeding into his shirt every alternate day. It is rumored that Real Madrid has raised a complaint with UEFA that the headgear might hinder vision on the field, but Rosell has armed himself with solid statistical data proving that the total height of FC Barcelona Player + headgear < average height of football player in Europe, and he is confident of winning the case. More details to follow when available.


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