Barca Boys and Hard Work? Hmm..

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Random Observations
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When Pedro, Villa, Messi and Co talk about ‘hard work’ and ‘fruits of labor’, we here at FCBFD think it should be taken with a pinch of salt. Does this look like hardwork to you?

Hardly Working Trio

Or this?

Who is cooler? Me or the box?

Yeah, we didn’t think so either. And clearly they are not alluding to our very own Gerard Pique either, unless tweeting incessantly and decorating christmas trees count as aforementioned hard work. Pique, it seems, has given up gate-crashing lunch sessions after Pep Guardiola recieved multiple complaints, and Pep has now resigned himself to just providing dinner for the boys himself. Despite tottering on the brinks of an economic crisis (or so Rosell would have us believe), the Qatar deal has come in the nick of time to help expense joint lunches and dinners, and the team celebrated by having dinner at the “L’Emperador” restaurant in Barcelona. So now, it looks like Pique has decided to spend his sparetime psyching innocent, unsuspecting taxi drivers instead, by taking pictures as they drive and tweeting about their ‘spectacular’ looks. We kid you not.

We’ll leave you with this latest input from the indomitable @3gerardpique, that had us scratching our heads. “”Oooooooooooohhh! I think the (christmas) tree might fly out of the window any minute now!! I’m getting veeeeeery nervous!!” How could a christmas tree possibly fly out of the window (unless it’s a bird cleverly disguised as a tree)? Can bleeding from the head repeatedly lead to brain damage? Or maybe it’s code that translates to – “Espanyol is so getting thrashed this weekend”. We can always hope.


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