Dani Thinks Best Footballer Should be ‘Quiet Boy’

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Random Observations
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We would have thought that the pre-requisite for being the best football player on the planet would be to…well, play the best football, but dear Dani Alves disagrees.

“I think the best player in the world should be a quiet kid, humble, friendly…and (Lionel) Messi has all that, while Cristiano often lacks these qualities.” 

The best player in the world shoud be a quiet kid? Sounds like a bit of reverse logic going on here…like – “and he should not be very tall, have a first name that starts with L and last name that starts with M”. We love Dani (how can anyone not love Dani?), but we do think this is all a bit unfair to Cristiano Ronaldo, for the simple reason that its too arbitrary, like a Ronaldo fan saying “The best player in the world should use abundant quantities of I-am-sticky-like-glue hair gel”. Not that we are complaining, mind you, for if there’s one thing we’re certain about ever since Galileo deduced that the earth is not a flat plate, it is that Leo Messi is the Maker’s gift to football fans around the ‘globe’. Still, what would we here at FCBFD ever do without Dani and Pique?

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