Pique’s Tree Crisis! Help Needed!

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Random Observations
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That’s not a christmas tree! Ooooohhhh!

Any talk of ‘Tree Crisis has us thinking of Qatar Foundation and giant trees sprouting on Barca shirts, but this is different. Now we know why Gerard Pique has been rather shy about posting pictures of his christmas ‘tree’, or should we say ‘bent abomination with tumorous giant balls hanging on the sides’? Not to judge, but this is what the Piquester has been working on for the past few days? Incidentally, it does look like something that could sprout two horns and a tail and fly right out of the window any minute, so we get the gist of Pique’s earlier tweets. Arsenal Captain Cesc Fabregas and FC Barcelona Captain Carles Puyol have offered their help to redeem this…er…tree, and our suggestion? Pique should take it. He needs all the help he can get. Also, it is rumored that he has been promised a new tree if #arbolpique is a trending topic on twitter. We are begging all of you on twitter to help, because we don’t think we can take any more tweets that go ‘Ooohhh! blah blah Tree blah blah” and clearly, it is highy unlikely that Pique will turn this one around before Christmas. Good luck with your own trees, folks, hope that picture didn’t put you off christmas trees forever!


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