Of all the Crazy Transfer News…

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Random Observations
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The greatest team ever?

You know it’s a slow news day when everyone is talking about how FC Barcelona is planning on selling Andres Iniesta to Manchester City, which can only happen if Sandro Rosell is completely off his rocker or working in cahoots with Real Madrid. Hopefully. After the recent spate of dubious decisions, we’ve learnt never to say never when it comes to Rosell. But if one thing is clear, it’s that we (here at FCBFD) are not the only ones in the business of making up news. There are some transfer rumors that are borderline crazy, but this one is just plain ridiculous. It’s right up there with the rumor last year that Florentine Perez was saving up to buy Lionel Messi (considering his buyout clause, that’s a LOT of saving). Or the rumor that Xavi has stopped playing for Spain, just so he can sit at home and twiddle his thumbs during the international breaks.

While on the topic of borderline crazy, it is also rumored that FC Barcelona is in ‘secret’ talks with Santos to buy Neymar, though how it’s deemed a secret when published in newspapers is beyond me. Yes, the same Neymar who like to throw his toys out of the pram and kick up a fuss at any given opportunity. We expect it will go down really well with him to watch his teammates play from the bench. Or with his teammates if he attempts to get Pep sacked. Craziness! Next thing you know, the transfer press will be suggesting we send Leo to Tottenham in exchange for Bale.

Talking of Leo, there’s also a suspicion that Massimo Moratti has secretly won a lottery and is taking lessons in hypnotism, the way he’s going on about buying Lionel Messi. Either that, or he’s just trying to keep the Inter fans diverted from the abysmal season the team is having. Whatever the reason, it’s kind of silly that Messi has to keep denying that he is moving to Inter, every time he goes to Milan for a bit of shopping. “No, no, no, and for the last time, NO! Darn it, I’m not moving to Inter!” he is reported to have said last time around. Why is that so difficult to believe?


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