Of Wenger, Pep and Barca Boys

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Random Observations
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Oh Lord! Of all the teams, we had to draw Barcelona!

We know what Arsene Wenger must be telling God.  “Guardiola didn’t want French teams. Lionel Messi didn’t want Italian ones. You listen to them. All I said was don’t give me Barcelona. And who do we get?!”

That’s not to say Barcelona are taking their next CL opponent lightly,  they’re most definitely not. As Pep Guardiola so wisely (as always) says, it doesn’t matter what form the teams are in now, it only matters how they are in February. Anyone else thinks Pep must have been an oracle in a previous birth? He has this knack of coming up with those enlightening one-liners. Quite unlike Osvaldo of Espanyol, who plans to win against Barcelona by “playing with a cool head and warm heart”. Bleh.

Wierd! How on earth do you play football with this thing?!

Talking of Espanyol, preparations for the Derby are on in full swing. The players have been repeatedly told to limit their kicking to the ball, but we get the feeling the players are also going to feature a lot at the recieving end, as always. You know how these derbies are. As long as no one goes ‘Ramos’ and tries to break Messi’s leg or dislocate Puyol’s neck or punch Xavi in the face all in  matter of few minutes, we should be okay. Incidentally, Keita might have found a solution to the Ballon d’Or problem. “As for me, the winner will be In.Xa.Mes. They have to share it.” Why didn’t anyone think of that before?!


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