Yet Another Five for Barca Juggernaut

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Random Observations
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We're so good that it's almost ridiculous!

Kameni (Espanyol): “It’s better to lose one time 5-0 than to lose 5 times 1-0.”

You know, we’ve been thinking about this quote from Kameni for a while now. What could it possibly mean? Is there a hidden code? Maybe it makes sense if you read it backwards? Perhaps the real meaning will hit us later in the bathtub in an Archimedes moment, but whatever it means, nobody lost 5-0 today – Espanyol lost 5-1 to FC Barcelona. It’s almost like Barcelona can’t shake off this manita thingie ever since the El Classico, it’s like they can’t help themselves anymore. Except against Almeria, where they scored an additional 3 by accident and got the head coach sacked. So, what’s their secret? “The players are  good and they run a lot” says Guardiola, in what certainly seems like an over-simplication.

Things didn’t seem so peachy in the beginning. Barca looked like they were caught a little off-guard, Messi arrived for the game sporting a haircut that makes him look like a distant cousin of the mushroom family and missed a goal opportunity he could normally have scored in his sleep. However Pedro did run a lot today, in yet another brilliant performance netting a brace, and Villa is combining so well with Messi that it’s almost like they’ve played together all their lives. With Xavi being Xavi, and Messi being Messi, and the rest of the players being themselves (well, you get the gist) it was only a matter of time before we netted five yet again.

Is there any stopping this Barca?  “One moment the magic will end” says Pep, doing his usual doom&gloom routine, before helpfully adding “But we try and postpone that moment”. Let’s hope they try and postpone it by a couple of years at least. Visca Barca!


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