Football Plagued by Contagious Inflated Ego Disease

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Random Observations
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Xavi Hernandez is very upset. He is (falsely) rumored to have told Real Madrid player Diarra after the game – “As you have not touched the ball all night, you can have it for a while”, and he is shocked that anyone could actually think he’d have said something like that. Despite the magnanimity of the made-up comment, offering the ball to the opponent and all that, Xavi thinks it is not befitting the standards set by the club. “That a Catalan journalist, and one from Barcelona could have made that up surprises me, and I can’t understand why” says Xavi. We empathise with Xavi, we do, but it’s not all that bad, you know. It’s not like anyone considered him capable of saying “I give myself 11 out of 10” or “I am No.1, No.2 and No.3”.

Talking of Inflated Ego I-Am-The-Center-Of-The-Universe Complex that is plaguing football these days, no it is not a contagious disease that originated from Mourinho as much as we’d like to believe it. We have evidence that Van Gaal might have been the primary carrier. The same Van Gaal who we are sure says things like “Einstein might have been a clever chap, but my nephew is surely more brilliant”, is also rumored to have said something to the gist of Barcelona not having a lot of creative players (except for Xavi, Iniesta and maybe Alves), but almost at the same playing level as Bayern Munich. Yeah right. And then there’s a new addition to the “We are too darned good to be true” club, and that’s Mario Balotelli. Here’s his piece of shameless self-promotion – “Only Messi is a little better than me, all others are far behind”. Little better? Ye Gods!

As David Coulthard of F1 racing put it so eloquently not a long time back – “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has them”. And no talk of a*****es will be ever complete without Andy Gray, who is rumored to have said Lionel Messi and Barcelona will struggle at EPL because of the lack of quality of football, and all we can think of saying in return is an amazed ‘Huh? Whattish?’. There are three possibilities here, ranked in decreasing order of likelihood. (a) Andy Gray is a delusional idiot. (b) Andy Gray is a delusional idiot, and he is trying to provoke Messi to shift to EPL (c) Andy Gray is a delusional idiot, and he hates Arsenal. So he wants Messi to go – “Maybe scoring 4 against them wasn’t good enough to prove a point. Would 6 suffice?” We’d maybe point out that Barca has actually won against top sides from EPL before in Champions League, but you know what they say about dogs barking. Visca Barca!


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