The demands of being the best player

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Random Observations
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I can't stop thinking about Pique's tree hehehe

First, Dani Alves says the best football player in the world should be a quiet and humble kid. And now, Manchester City manager Mancini thinks that to be the best player, you just need to smile a lot. He has reportedly told Mario Balotelli that all he needs to do to bridge the ‘little’ gap to Lionel Messi is to keep practicing flashing his pearly whites in the mirror. This is all getting definitely odd, we here at FCBFD can’t help but feel there has been some terrible confusion between ‘best football player’ and ‘boy scout’. Or maybe Mancini saw this picture of Leo Messi grinning genially at the football and put the cart before the horse. I mean, by that logic, Bojan should be the best player by a mile. No wonder poor Carlos Tevez wanted to abandon ship a while back, it’s bad enough having to play for Manchester City without the added pressure of having to look happy doing it.


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