Of All The Loony Football Quotes…

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Random Observations
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Who is crazier? Ibra or his agent?

Reading Goal.com’s Top 20 quotes of 2010 got us thinking. Mind you, we here at at FCBFD usually read the aforementioned website for comic relief, and if we feel an overwhelming urge to read biased editorials. But this time it was different, it made us wonder what some people eat or drink before giving press conferences. Or maybe they don’t, and it’s the low sugar which makes them say these things. Take Current Genoa president Enrico Preziosi for example. He would have us believe that when Leo Messi was at La Masia, he actually went on trials for Como but Preziosi, who was then president of Como, rejected him. Even if it were true, I’d have thought that this is something better kept as a secret. Why would he announce to the whole world what an incredible fathead he was? And earn the hatred of Como fans forever? Oh well.

Be it Moratti saying Mourinho is like a husband who cheated on his wife but cared for her too much, didn’t have the courage to tell her and hence climbed out of the window, which all plays out rather like a yawn inducing soap opera (except for the visual of Mou climbing out of a window), or Ibra claiming Pep Guardiola is a ‘small-time coach’ who runs away from problems (or a philosopher who is rather good at trappist monk imitations whichever way you look at it), or Benitez’s all too familiar claim that some people are unable to see a priest on a mountain of sugar (Should they? Shouldn’t they? What’s a priest doing on a mountain of sugar anyway?),  or Former Boca Juniors coach Claudio Borghi claiming that Riquelme is like a girl with three breasts (it was meant to be a compliment by the way), it has been an eventful year. Then there are some quotes that fall into the ‘it’s so silly that it’s not even funny’ category, like Mino Raiola’s suggestion as to what Pep and Cruyff should do with their time, or Any Gray’s delusions of grandeur about EPL. Here’s hoping that 2011 is equally eventful with more loony quotes to share.


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