Ibi at Barca: Match Made in Heaven

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Random Observations
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Ibi Afellay in Barca colors!

We like Ibi Afellay already. Not because he made his first appearance for Barca in the Copa del Rey game against Athletic Bilbao in the final minutes and never got to touch the football (with his foot of course, Pique as we all know is the only footballer who actually really touches the ball consistently). Not even because it’s kind of adorable how he’s known for months he is coming to Barca and in all the excitement forgot to learn even a bit of Spanish, he could hardly have thought the Barca players spoke fluent Dutch. No. But because he apparently does the same kind of fatheaded things you and I do, like attempting to board the plane after leaving behind his ticket at the metal detector (via barcastuff). If it hadn’t been for hawk-eyed Bojan watching out for the rest of the team like their very own guardian angel, Ibi might have been put in the embarassing position of trying to communicate to Pep in gestures and sign language as to why Pep would have to travel to San Mames with 19 players despite announcing 20. We suspect that might not have gone down very well with the Mister. So, welcome to Ibi, and he is going to fit right in with the rest of the goofy cast at FC Barcelona. All he needs now is to learn the language and buy himself a pair of leopard print shoes. And stay away from Pique.


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