A Candid Conversation with Cristiano

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Random Observations
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Jose Mourinho, we are sure, has a lot of fans. But let’s just say that Franz Beckenbauer isn’t one of them. The German legend is reported to have said that Mou is “rude and with no education. The fact that he wears cashmere sweaters doesn’t mean he belongs like a gentleman“. We have to admit that this came as a surprise to us – not that Mou is rude and impolite of course, but that wearing cashmere sweaters is the mark of a gentleman (but not always)! Pep must know, judging by his natty collection of cashmere vests. But we deviate. Just in case he didn’t make it clear, Beckenbauer continues to hit us over the head with it – “Captains and coaches from all over the world considered that Mourinho got the best results with less resources than their rivals, but he has been rude and with no education in his behaviour to achieve his objectives. Did I mention he is rude and with no education?“. Okay, we made up the last line, but you get the general idea.

The Walrus Look...how cool is this?!!

But not everyone has a soft corner for Beckenbauer just because he said kind things about Gerard Pique. Cristiano Ronaldo, for one, disagrees. “It has been a dream to work with Mourinho” he says, “I learn something new everyday”. “Did you know that sticking two straws up your nose can make you look like Vincente…err Walrus?! He taught me that just yesterday!”

“He also taught me how staring at the back of someone’s head can make them spontaneously burst into flames. I’ve tried it a couple of times, but let’s just say that needs practice”.

I need more practice! But this time, I made his hair twitch!

  1. doris says:

    great piece! Cristiano FTW

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