Why Pedro is eternally grateful to Dani Alves

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Random Observations
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It all started during this loo break, as Pedro and Alves waited in line.

Pedro: Dani, I really need a new (and cool) celebration routine. You know, Leo thanks his grandmother, Villa bonds with Leo, Abidal runs backwards, Puyol makes heart signs, Iniesta pretends to be pregnant, you do those nice little dances. Me? I just do variations of my high jump acts. My girlfriend says it’s getting boring. Can you help me?

"It's not the Olympics, Pedrito!" she says.

Dani: Of course, Pedro. I need my Powerade box* to think. Where is it?


Cool celebrations for Pedro...hmmm...

Okay. All done! *


Plan A: The Airplane Routine.

Plan B: The Flying Kick in the Stomach**


Plan C: The Disco

Plan D: The Complicated Tango

And this is how Pedro went from being one of the worst at celebrations in the team to one of the best. Incidentally, it is entirely untrue that Leo Messi’s girlfriend broke up with him because he keeps thanking his late grandmother rather than making cute heart signs like Puyol. They are still very much together.

* We don’t know if Rosell is trying to land a sponsorship with Powerade for Dani Alves. The contract is still under negotiation.

** Pep Guardiola doesn’t approve of plan B and this has been subsequently shelved.

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