The Dani Alves Saga

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Random Observations
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Hey!! I don't want to play "Spot the difference"!!

Will Alves renew? Won’t he? It has been an exciting few weeks with multiple permutations of apparently the same contract being put forth to Alves, who has put his foot down and already said No multiple times. What else do you make of – “the club has made a new offer to Dani Alves, which is the same as the previous offer, but they are asking him to consider it”.Duh. Well, he already considered it. Inadequate.

Did you guys see Adriano play?! Just sign Dani already, will ya?

Rosell doesn’t want to break the pay structure (he says), which involves paying a little more cash to the Ballon d’Or trio to keep them happy and playing football like only they can. Dani says if they are all going to be wearing trees on their uniforms next year, they might as well make a little extra cash out of it. So Rosell has been getting creative, and apart from regularly leaking contract negotiations to the press to make Dani appear as a greedy what-do-you-call-it holding the club to ransom, there are a few additional things he is trying. Like trying to get Dani sponsorship with Powerade, or putting in bonus clauses that are indirectly proportional to the number of misplaced crosses per game. With Dani’s injury and Adriano’s performance (if you can call it that), it’s easy to see why Pep wouldn’t be wrong to panic a little. We at FCBFD certainly are, we were definitely having minor palpitations in today’s game. If all else fails, we’d just have to rely on Pep’s hypnotic powers to do the job for us. Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that.



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