Team Rallies Around Messi as he protests RFEF Decision

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Random Observations
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On cue now, 1,2,3...Awwww!

Lionel Messi, Argentine whizkid (who thankfully plays for FC Barcelona), has decided to protest the decision by Spanish football federation to fine him and give him a yellow card for wishing his mommy happy birthday. Leo, as we all know, is not very demonstrative. He just likes to thank his grandmother after every goal, or wish a family member occasionally on their special day. “It’s not like he took off his shirt and showed everyone that giant tattoo on his back” protests David Villa, “When I was 23, I used to do that ALL the time!” “We are just glad that RFEF doesn’t look at er…social media” says Puyol, “Yellow card? Geri would be banned for life!” “Footballers like Leo only come around once every fifty years” says Xavi, “I’ve never seen one wishing his mom happy birthday in a game before. We are very proud.” “Gurgle gurgle” says Bojan.  “When Perseus wished Danae happy birthday, I bet Zeus didn’t give him a yellow card!” points out Pique, rightfully so.”2500?!! That’s a lot of money, I’d put it in my contract that the club should pay all the fines!” says Alves.

So, as we were saying, Leo has decided not to play against Almeria in protest. He is going to start, though, but will just do something else with his time.

Maybe I'll just lie down and look at my pretty shoes!

If that gets boring, I can aways go to sleep. fun things like pretend the stadium is upside down!

What will RFEF do? We can only wait and watch!


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