Van der Vaart bitten by Beckham Bug

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Random Observations
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VDV: Can you believe that Beckham has two legs and two hands too?! He's sooo normal!

Let’s just say that ‘Van der Vaart likes David Beckham’ would be a gross understatement. More likely that he goes to sleep with a framed photo of Beckham under his pillow every night, hoping some of that magic pixie dust would rub off on him. And we don’t just mean beautiful hair. You don’t believe me? Well, sample this.

David Beckham is class, no one has a right foot like Beckham. Cristiano Ronaldo has everything but Beckham is a world star who’s greater than anyone. Messi will never be as big as Beckham, even though he is one of the best players at this time. Beckham is more than football. He is handsome, a good businessman and he has all the glamour. Yet when he sits next to you in the dressing room he’s just an ordinary guy. He’s very kind, very normal and a lovely chap.” (No, we didn’t make this up, we couldn’t have possibly. This is all Van der Vaart. Here’s the link.)

At this point of the interview, Beckham happened to pass by and Van der Vaart squealed like a particularly excited fan-girl and fainted, so we were unable to get more soundbites. But we suspect the rest of the monologue interview would have gone like this. “The other day he dropped a spoon and I dove in to pick it up, and you know what? He smiled at me! The great David Beckham smiled at me! Did I tell you that he is a world star who’s greater than anyone? I did? Well, he is. He tells me he can’t walk on water, but I think he’s just kidding.”



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