The Secret Pique Journals!

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Random Observations
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We are very pleased to announce a new writer for our modest blog! None other than our very own twitter hero and mocmoc king – Gerard Pique! For some strange reason, he insists on calling his column – The Secret Pique Journal – which, quite frankly, is rather offensive as it seems to suggest that anything on our blog is somehow very likely to remain a secret, but oh well, you can’t have it all. So, without further ado, we give you the inimitable Geri!!


I am Geri Pique! And this is my secret journal!

Oooooh!! This is all very exciting! I have never written in a blog before! I did write a book once, but that was different! Puyi commented then that I write as well as I play! Which I think was a compliment. So, when FcbFanDrivel first approached me for their blog, it made me very nervous, like that time I spent two hours visiting four shops but still couldn’t find what I wanted! That made me very nervous too! Oooooh! And you remember my Christmas tree of course? (Ed. note: *shudder* more vividly than we’d like). That made me sooo nervous that I even forgot hide Bojan’s shoes before that game against Athletico Bilbao! Good times! So where were we? Oh yes, the blog. Haha. Then it was quite rightly pointed out that if tweeting what I tweet to 200,000 followers didn’t make me nervous, this really shouldn’t. So here we are.

Today, my post will be about football tactics. Haha, no just kidding. I have a good sense of humor, like that time I substituted the water in Pep’s bottle with potato stew. Quite unlike Cesc who would’ve drunk it and made me laugh for days and days, Pep just sighed and reached for the next bottle. Puyi tells me that trick only works with milk, and I should try to avoid replacing clear and transparent fluids with potato stew. I just think Pep can be very clever sometimes.No doubt well blessed by Minerva.

I would love to write more, but we’re halfway through the second leg of the semifinal against Almeria! And I think that’s Pep beckoning to me to warm up! So  be good till my column next week, and for more frequent updates, you can follow me on twitter! (Ed. note: At your own peril, this blog cannot be held liable). And moc moc!!

  1. Archie_V says:

    “I am a fire rabbit!” Thus spake Gerithustra, just now.

    There’s really no answer to that.

  2. Brandon says:

    Colour me entertained. You guys and gals are funny.

  3. […] Ooooh! Who’d have thought I’d one day be such a regular columnist? This is already my second column in two weeks! I’ll be like Johan Cruyff at this rate, and soon Pep Guardiola will be having weekly lunches […]

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