Guardiola and Mourinho: The Tension Escalates!

Posted: February 4, 2011 in footballmood
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Yeah yeah yeah I game against Atletico is the most dangerous game ever. Got it.

This is our post on footballmood blog. Read it here.

The next most dangerous game is scheduled for tomorrow against Atletico Madrid, and our reliable sources inform us that Pep Guardiola has already given three speeches (and is currently preparing the fourth) about how the team shouldn’t relax physically or mentally just because they are seven points ahead in the league. “It’s just like how it is in a game” says Tito Vilanova, the man who has learned to stay calm even when Pep is frothing at the mouth next to him, “Pep starts off nice and relaxed, and the more we score, the more worked up he gets”. Pep confirms it. “I never give the players a rollicking when we are losing” he said to The Sun (or so The Sun claims), “It’s only when they are winning that I sometimes have a go”. Yeah, because that makes sense. Anyway, as the gap to Real Madrid widens, don’t be surprised if the Mister gets increasingly hyper and not in a good way. That’s just how he works.

Crazy Mou!!

Meanwhile, not so far away, Jose Mourinho is beginning to feel the pinch as well.


This is our post on footballmood blog. Read it here.


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