Of Pique, Rabbits, Coaches and Hair Stylists

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Random Observations
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Geri is listening to the 'Rabbit Remix'

When you say rabbit, we tend to think of all manner of small and cute things, like stuffed toys, kittens, puppies and Bojan. So when Gerard Pique, Fcbfandrivel columnist who plays as central defender for FC Barcelona in his spare time, called himself a rabbit, (‘rabbit of fire’ that too), we were slightly taken aback. Nobody likes to know your newest hired columnist might have just escaped from the loony bin. It’s just because the rest of our posts are so sensible, you know. Anyway, an embarrassing situation has been averted, as we have been reliably informed on twitter that our in-house scholar is not only an expert on Greek mythology, but also Chinese zodiac signs. We are mightily impressed. Thanks to @sop10 for sending us the confirmation, sending us the latest ‘bunny lineup’ as featured in a Chinese newspaper (has a very flattering picture of Leo Messi that too).

Thiago: Now just try to stay calm and think happy thoughts.

Meanwhile, in an interview with El Pais, Xavi Torres confirms what we’ve suspected all along. “Guardiola loved the word ‘persistence’. He’s crazy, and I really mean crazy, cray, crazy (okay, he said ‘about football’, but that’s just too much detail). He also said “Luis Enrique is more aggressive, Guardiola is calmer” which makes us worry for the Barca B boys. Talking of Barca B boys, in heartening news, we also hear that Thiago, soon to be first team player, is a hairstylist in his spare time, and is the culprit genius behind JDS’s new look. Maybe, once in the first team, he can convince Leo Messi to get his hair cut! We can always hope! But to be honest, we don’t care even if Leo looks like a little abominable snowman as long as he continues to play the way only he can. We can always recognize him by those orange shoes.

  1. Jahnawi says:

    Jonathan dos Santos looks like a schoolboy in a convent whose hair was cut as a punishment because he let it grow too long and now has to keep it slick and short…

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