Betis, Sporting, Hercules and Villa’s Hair

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Random Observations
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For all those seeking it, here's Villa and his hair!

We’ve been getting some recent hits on our blog apparently from people searching for “David Villa Hair 2011”. While we find nothing particularly fascinating about the epidermal growth arising from Villa’s head, we are never ones to judge. And what better day to feature Villa and his hair than on the day when he has given FC Barcelona an invaluable point! For the few minutes in the second half when our team suddenly woke up and realized they were playing in a match and losing it that too, Villa was brilliant.  So here goes, for what it’s worth.

As for what happened today against Sporting, we are not quite sure ourselves. Perhaps Pep’s hypnotic powers failed. Or perhaps nobody told the players that they were all flying to Gijon to actually play in a match and they were pleasantly surprised on reaching the stadium. Maybe the blow to Gabi’s nose has temporarily muddled his coordination as he can’t seem to be able to even stand still without slipping. While most of our players were busy imitating immovable objects, the few who were showing indications of being alive couldn’t string more than three passes together. Anyone who has read a Xavi interview in recent times would know that the man cannot see any space without passing a ball accurately through it. Yet we have to admit that even he was looking strangely preoccupied, like he was wondering about what to cook for lunch tomorrow. Pep Guardiola was the only one looking calm and composed as the spectacle unfolded today. At least next time the players snigger when being told to take Ceuta seriously, he can hold them with a glittering eye like the Ancient Mariner and say the magic words. Betis, Sporting and Hercules.  Yes, that should work. It’s on to the game against Arsenal next on Wednesday, and let’s hope that Pep can get his hypnotic powers sorted out by then. Visca Barca.

  1. Md Maroof Abid says:

    awesome haircut

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