If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will!!

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Random Observations
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I really feel the urge to stretch my left calf muscle!

You know, there’s the thing about pretending to predict the future, or misplaced optimism. It comes back to bite you in the bottom when you least expect it. Hardly has the ink dried on the paper after our post yesterday (metaphorically speaking of course), and we learn Xavi, the engine of our team, has gone and fatheadedly done something to his left calf muscles that will keep him out for the next 7 to 10 days. He has apparently damaged the fibers in the soleus muscle (no we didn’t make that up, maybe fcbarcelona.cat did), of all the silly things to do. Our list of walking wounded is growing by the day, and our sense of trepidation with it. We are now firm believers of Murphy’s laws. If anything can go wrong, it will. Wrap the rest of them in cotton wool, we say, and preserve them in pickle jars for the rest of the season. If anyone else amongst our players feels the sudden inclination to sprain, strain or tear any part of their body, then we suggest they twiddle their fingers and wait for the urge to pass. And that’s the last time we’ll ever laugh at Pessimistic Pep or doubt his words of wisdom. We promise. What could possibly be leading to things going so wrong?



Did you get the Xavi doll? And the pins?

No just kidding. It must be like Jose “God must think I’m pretty amazing” Mourinho says. Maybe we can do something to appease the football Gods and turn the tide in our favor? Sacrifice Bojan maybe? Please bear with us while we panic. No Xavi, no Valdes, no Puyol and no Alves?! No Jeffren, and it’s a miracle Milito hasn’t pulled anything yet! Whoever next?! At this rate, we will be borrowing players from Barca B just to fill the bench! Maybe Jeffren is contagious too! Thank you, rant over. For now, let’s just tone down the sunny optimism and wait and watch. Visca Barca.


  1. doris86pl says:

    yeah, that’s true, February Jinx is here again, what can I say? Let’s hope now it can be only better

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