The Pique Journals – Part 4

Posted: March 1, 2011 in footballmood
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Odd! I could have sworn that this was the new sleepwear!

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Hola, Amigos! It’s me Gerard Pique again and another week has flown by too fast! I always tell Puyi that, at this rate, I will soon be 32 and retired before I know it! And for some strange reason, that always makes him a little upset. Ooooh, the word ‘upset’ reminds me, what did you think of our new training outfits?! Yes, we do try not to think of them too, but a lot of us are still in shock! Gabi and I had half a mind to burn the whole stock and pass it off as a fire accident! Those hideous things make us look like lumpy sacks of potatoes sprouting hands and legs, Pep was half expecting us to stop running and take to rolling on the ground instead! Hardly the image that a young good looking model who has just been signed on to endorse HE by MANGO range (that would be me) would like to project.

We players honestly did think anything would be an improvement over wearing a giant green tree on the chest, but we didn’t really factor in “Qatar Foundation” in big baby pink letters. Still, Pep says these things teach us character, that worse things can happen in life really. I suppose he’s right, the jersey could have been in baby pink with gray lettering, imagine that! Only Bojan could have pulled that off!

By the way, I’m rather upset with Diego Maradona as well. And not just because he included the chicken dance as part of the warm up exercises when he was coach of ARG, a trauma Leo Messi is still recovering from. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for the man. He can say very profound things sometimes, like how Jar Jar Binks in based on Pele. But often, it does seem like he’s talking off the back of his head. Marcelo is the best player in the Liga?! I bet he picked that name like we picked the winner of the checked shirt competition (giant bucket, remember?) I mean, that’s like Moreno kicking an owl to see if it would fly – just plain downright idiotic. If you want to select a defender as the best player in the Liga, then at least go with King Abidal!

This is our post on Football Mood. Click here to read the rest.


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