FC Barcelona vs Arsenal – The Day in Pictures

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Random Observations
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King Abidal and Van Persie having a friendly chat. "I bet I can wrap my hand around your neck and make my fingers touch!"

Messi to ball: Okay, now just fly over Almunia and hover in the air for a second so I can kick you in. Understood?

Messi: That was fun! Maybe next time I'll tell the ball to perform flips in the air, that'll freak everyone out more!

I hope Wenger was not serious about making me wear this puffy coat till I learn not to do a backheel pass in my own penalty area.

What kind of a referee are you?! This is not fair play!! Ask Barcelona to share the ball!

Busi: Pep always tells us one good turn begets another. I have a surprise for you!

Xavi: Okay. Now finish this off, and don't ever make me be the center of a group hug again.

No I didn't disapparate with the ball! Ask Masche, he saw me!

Kid behind Puyol: Gosh Darn it! Just finish the game, will you? Don't make me come down there and turn you all into stone!

It's okay. I promise I'll only score two goals this time around.

Wenger blames the referee? Like I always say, no man in a puffy coat should ever be allowed to give a press conference.



  1. doris says:

    lol @Pep in the last picture, puffy coats FTW:P

  2. Sarah says:

    Always LOVE the captions =)
    Keep up the good work!!

  3. Shahrzad says:

    That was awesome! do you post these kinda pics for every match?

  4. Goo says:

    Your posts are made of WIN. I love your drivel! 🙂

  5. Ortrun says:

    Fine put up, I am checking back regularly looking for posts.

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