Our Support and Good Wishes for Abidal

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Random Observations
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Our best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery.

In what was totally a bolt out of the blue, we all learnt today that Eric Abidal has been diagnosed with liver tumor and is scheduled for surgery this Friday. The club didn’t release any more information out of respect for his privacy, as requested by the player himself. Abidal has been such a pillar of strength for FC Barcelona this season, but the respect and good wishes we have for him go beyond being a Barca fan or even a football lover. May the strength and spirit that he displays for us week in and week out help him in fighting and overcoming this ailment. We pray for a safe and speedy recovery for King Abidal, and wish him and his lovely family the best of everything to come.

  1. Ligia says:

    i’m SO FUCKING sad about this. Abidal is one of the players I most admire, for real. my regards for him, and hoping for a good recovery. we will always love you, Abidal!!!

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