Of Presidents, Renewals, Legends and Bites

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Random Observations
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The famous Alves grin. Just in case anyone thought he was not happy with the new contract.

We all know Dani Alves has renewed his contract with FC Barcelona, after much haggling and seemingly endless negotiations. At the end of it all, it appears Rosell gets to keep his stupid pay scale structure, Dani gets a lot of lucrative sponsors in addition to his Barcelona contract, and us fans get to see Dani boy in action for a few more years. That’s what we call a win-win-win situation. Assuming everything goes well and Abidal renews his contract next week as rumored, there is just Pinto left. We demand that Pinto renews his contract soon too, where else are we going to get an excellent backup keeper with pretty braids and whistling skills that too at such short notice? At least as far as getting yellow cards from the bench goes, we have some in-house expertise there, Xavi can fill in admirably we are sure. But still, we’ll heave a collective sigh of relief once Pinto signs on the dotted line as well.

A small traffic backup that delayed Dani’s arrival by close to an hour left President Rosell in his office twiddling his fingers and wondering what on earth presidents do when not signing contract renewals or firing honorary presidents or suing former presidents. In the few extra minutes that he had, Rosell had a lot of enlightening thoughts that he has kindly shared with us.

“Now we are on the crest of the wave, but this is a dangerous time. This won’t last forever. How will we explain to people? It is like eating caviar every day, then being told we’re having macaroni tomorrow. It’s a huge responsibility, we need a Plan B.”

A plan B like…how to keep winning forever? Or does he mean a plan B for how to break the news gently to people? We are not numpties, you know, we do realize we are not going to win the treble every year from here on till end of eternity. Just a few more years will do. Talking of numpties, Balotelli has revealed that is acting like a crazy loon only because he hasn’t met the Ronaldo yet. Not Cristiano Ronaldo, mind you, (we’d hate to think what that meeting will do to Balotelli), but the Brazilian one. You know, the legend slightly on the…er…cherubic side.

“Introduce me to Ronaldo and I swear I’ll behave to the end of my playing career” says Balotelli. “I already behave myself fairly well, but I’ll try to stop doing those stupid little things”. Well, what are we waiting for? Someone introduce him to Ronaldo already! “You’ll soon see the real Mario on the field” he adds rather ominously. Will the real Mario know how to wear a bib? Just curious.

In other news, FC Barcelona team doctors would do well to have the tetanus shots handy, after Canales’ claims that “we are going to bite Barcelona”. It’s an interesting approach, and we’re thinking it would take a great amount of technique and aim to bite a footballer running at full speed, but what do we know, we’ve never bitten anyone before. Meanwhile, Barca physio Juanjo Brau has accompanied Leo Messi (as he sometimes does) on his “Around the world in 8 days” adventure to ensure he comes back in one piece for the Villarreal game.  And Xavi is due to play his 100th game for national team, many congratulations. That’s it for now, Visca Barca!


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