Balotelli Watch and Barca Roundup

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Random Observations
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One day I'll figure out how to wear this thing! And then I'll be unstoppable!

We have already reported how Mario Balotelli has promised to turn over a new leaf if only he could get some face time with the retired (and chubbier) Ronaldo. It looks like Manchester City’s lack of promptness in getting this task done might be endangering their youth players. According to ESPN Soccernet, Balotelli has said in The People that he threw the darts from a first floor window in the direction of youth players because he was “bored”. Thankfully no one was hurt during this incident, but one can only imagine the consequences if he chooses to use an air rifle the next time he gets bored. The aforementioned youth players could not be contacted for comment, but we suppose they don’t appreciate being used as mobile make-shift dartboards. Man City has convened an emergency board meeting to discuss Balotelli’s disciplinary issues, where we imagine the board members sitting around a giant table clutching their foreheads and wondering what the devil prompted them to sign him in the first place. Short of tying him up and sitting on him, we don’t see how the Balotelli menace can be stopped. Let’s just hope he doesn’t do an Ibra next and take to kicking his teammates when they’re least expecting it.

That was fun! I should do this more often for Barca!

Meanwhile, it has been a productive first round of international games for the Barca players. Ibi Afellay started off with a goal, reminding Pep Guardiola of the kind of talent we have on the bench. We bet he is not very pleased with all this talk of being packed off to Arsenal in exchange for Cesc Fabregas, considering the amount of time he has spent learning Spanish. Also, Spain won 2-1, Xavi got to play his 100th game for national team, Villa got to score his record breaking 46th goal and Iniesta got to vouch for Torres with a straight-face. Argentina drew 1-1 with USA in a game they mostly dominated, Messi showcased his magical abilities, Masche was rock solid and even Gabi had a decent outing. Except for that one moment when Messi leapt up like a performing seal challenging a header with a man twice his size (Onyewu) and went down in a heap after hitting his chin, it was all good. Brazil won 2-0 and apparently Dani was his usual dazzling self. Now it’s on to the second round of international games, and some more praying from fans for injury-free returns.Visca Barca.


  1. Sarah says:

    Funny you mentioned the same thing i was wondering, when Iker, Xavi and Iniesta all ran to Nino’s rescue! I do love them though for taking his side, even if they are doing it out of pity 🙂

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