The Pique Journals – Part 8

Posted: April 1, 2011 in footballmood
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I am Geri Pique! And I can't believe Fools day is back already!

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Hola Amigos! Happy Fools day! I still remember the time when I substituted Cesc’s glass of milk with potato stew and it wasn’t even April 1st! Haha, I can be very enterprising that way! I tried it with Villa too, but I think the leopard print shoes is having an adverse effect on his taste buds, because he didn’t really notice the difference. Here’s a tip if you were thinking of playing a Fools day prank on Puyi – NEVER spread maple syrup on his Pilates mat. He doesn’t like it. And that’s putting it mildly.And for heaven’s sake, stay of Pep Guardiola’s clothes!!

So we are all back after surviving a slew of international friendlies. In fact, our game against Lithuania was so friendly that we didn’t even play in a football ground, but apparently in their local potato field. It was all good fun. Xavi grew a couple of inches with all that mud caked under his soles. Off the record, it was me who came up with the brilliant plan as to how Leo Messi could skip the Costa Rica game. But I definitely didn’t tell him to call Pinto as soon as he arrived at Barcelona and declare how good he was feeling. Nor did I tell Pinto to announce it to the entire world. And now the Costa Rica football association is collectively frothing at the mouth, and Leo says it’s all my fault! Hmmph, where’s the fairness in that, I ask?! I’ve told Leo to tell them it was a Fools day prank and he said he’d sleep on that idea.

This is our post on Football Mood. Click here to read the full post.


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