The Pique Journals – Part 9

Posted: April 13, 2011 in footballmood
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Pep should really REALLY sign with HE by Mango.

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Hola Amigos! Another two weeks gone by! I’d have written before, but as the only available center-back in the team, it has been a busy few days to say the least! Well yes, Gabi is a center-back too, but come on, hahaha you know what I mean. Mind you, I do love Gabi like a brother and Gabi loves me like a favorite cousin who got dropped on his head as a baby. We have a special bond that way. But it’s been difficult because usually Pep gives Puyi a lot of instructions while I space out in peace, and then Puyi tells me what to do on the field. But now, I look blankly at Gabi and Gabi looks blankly at me, and we set off about our duties without much of a clue. Or its Busi next to me, giving away penalty kicks or own goals like candies on Halloween. Masche however, has been a complete revelation, the man was born to be a CB! I still didn’t have much of a clue mind you, but at least Masche always looks like he knows what he’s doing, which is nice. Being a center-back for FC Barcelona is really all about avoiding eye contact with Pep during the game in case he turns you into stone ala Medusa. You know your Greek mythology of course.

Talking of Pep, it came as a rude shock to us to see him walking off the Donetsk airport dressed in what seemed like a peach blouse. “Pep, what happened to the rest of your sweater?” I asked him, before I realized that’s all of it. And then I pretended to not know him for the rest of our journey to the hotel till he had changed. There’s the other creepy sweater he has that looks like it has sprouted a hundred eyes starting at you, it makes you want to blink rapidly and look away. Pep needs an emergency sweater make-over. I intend to talk to HE by Mango about it.

This is our post on FootballMood. Read the full post here.


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