Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona 1-1 : The Day in Pictures

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Random Observations
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Too close to the goal. Only way to stop Villa might be to strangle him.

So what if Albiol tried to kill Villa? Let Barca play with 10 men for a change!

Unfair penalty! Barca Bias! Check Villa's pulse, he's still breathing!

Maybe Messi will not score if he is blind in the left eye? We can always try.

The Tale of Two Bad Haircuts

Ref: No I didn't fall asleep on the tanning bed. Now go mind your own business!

Dani is crazy if he thinks that giant crab routine is cooler than my grandma thanking.

Xavi: One more yellow for the Ballon d'Or Trio Silly Yellow Collection Fund. Leo and Andres will be thrilled!

Mou: If you need more authenticity with your "rolling on the ground" routine, I can refer you to a couple of my players.

Use your brain, dude! NEVER do crazy things when you are angry.

my press conference notes...10 men blah blah...biased referee blah blah...calendar conspiracy blah blah...anything else?

  1. Marie says:

    Pepe talking about using your brain, Hilarious!!

  2. Sarah says:

    THIS IS FUNNY AS HELL 😀 Clumsy Albiol. Seemed like he was giving Villa the “Rock bottom”.
    You people should give updates on Facebook about your new articles.

  3. Jahnawi says:

    Mou offering help to Busi!! LOL! but he’s judged too harshly, sometime, busi, I think. After all a man with such a large surface area to get hit at and a very unstable centre of mass, we have to forgive him

    • fcbfandrivel says:

      Hi Jahnawi! lol it’s not as much the falling down part as it is the rolling on the ground like he’s been stabbed in the eye part. 😛 Love Busi all the same though. 😉

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