The Pique Journals – Part 10

Posted: April 18, 2011 in footballmood
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Hola Amigos! It’s me Gerard Pique again, right in the middle of playing in a lot of Classicos that too!! So how exactly do I manage to constantly update my facebook and twitter accounts (not to mention running checked shirt competitions), and write a weekly column, you ask, while Leo Messi has barely managed to post a line and a half on facebook in the same time? (That too about being happy to have qualified for the CL semifinals, like you couldn’t have figured that out yourselves)! That’s like Cesc tweeting “hard practice session, going for long afternoon nap” after every single practice session. People like variety. That’s why I like to mix it up with Greek mythology, Chinese zodiac signs and Johnny Depp.

“Leo, try not to state the obvious” I told him kindly the other day, for the boy is new to this thing, “Or Barca will be hiring you to make half time statements. People know you are happy if you’ve scored a goal and Barca has won”. Anyway, “Messi Scores a Goal!” is about as predictable these days as “Mourinho Angry with Referee!”. So I’ve gifted him a book by Stephen Hawking instead so he can read up on it and his next update on Facebook can be about black holes. I wonder why he hasn’t posted since, but yes, you can all thank me later.

So, we’re one Classico down, with three more to go. And we get the feeling people are not happy, which is rather confusing. Before the classico, everyone was urging us to conserve energy with the Liga almost locked up, and after the classico, everyone is angry that we conserved energy and didn’t give it our all. It was all Pep’s great idea anyway. He told us MouMou’s men are bound to do something stupid and be 10 men by half time, but we didn’t really count on Dani returning the favor. I know it was not really a penalty kick, but we should have known no suntanned referee with gelled hair is going to be able to refrain himself from giving Cristiano a free penalty kick goal at the slightest chance. Oh well.

This is our post on FootballMood. Click here to read the full post.


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