Mourinho’s Notes Leaked (With Pictures)!

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Random Observations
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We have an exclusive peek at Mourinho’s notes from the game on Saturday!! Go on, take a look, we found it fascinating!

1. Darn it, Pep's shirt looks better than mine again. Note: I should find out where he shops.

2. Five Minutes in, and Barca is yet to score a goal. That's why I call myself The Special One!

3. Get two more free kicks before half time, boys! Note: Cristiano is super at free kicks today.

4. What's the ref doing?! At this rate, I'll have nothing to talk about in the press conference!

5. Well, Barca might not dive as much, but that's just because they take free kicks like my Aunt Marge.

6. Okay, key finding: Barca playing level dips when they're being bored to death. Yawn.

7. I might have been mistaken when I told Perez that Valdano's face is a perfect cube. Thinking about it more, it might be a pentagon.

8. Messi's hair grows so fast that it's unnatural. No wonder Cadena Cope is paranoid.

9. It isn't half time yet? I could do with some biscuits.

10. This ball is biased towards Barca! It's not spending enough time with my players!

11. A red card, thank heavens! Now I finally have something to talk about!

  1. Evathecule says:

    The 10 really is a masterpiece.

  2. Shahrzad says:

    these r so Mou. 😀 i think he will get that ball excuse from here for his future press conferences! Gr8 job again & thanx.

  3. Barca_4ever says:

    lol.. nice one. loved it!!

  4. fcbfandrivel says:

    Thanks Evathecule, Shahrzad & Barca_4ever for your feedback! You are right, we probably shouldn’t be giving Mourinho any new ideas to complain about! 😛

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