FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2 – 0 : The Day in Pictures

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Random Observations
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Di Maria: All we ask for from Barca is that they don't dive. Please, no diving.

MouMou: And I would like to request Pep to kindly refrain from complaining about the referees. They are only doing their job.

Ramos,Pepe: Oh and we ask for fairplay too. And good sportsmanship while we're at it. Say no to violence.

Pepe: Now what do we do with the corpse?

Marcelo: Weird. When I look at you from this close, you look all blurry.

Be careful not to look into each other's eyes. It might cause spontaneous combustion.

When Perez said "Two goals?" and I said "at least", I thought we were talking about Real Madrid.

Ramos: Okay, seriously now. Stop trying to play football. Let's all go argue with the ref instead.

Stark: Thank my lucky stars I can't understand Spanish.

Ramos: Maybe he won't score if I sit on him and hold his legs?

No such luck. And this isn't his first ever goal. He's just like this after every goal...

We still playing? I have my notes all written down for the press conference.

Mourinho: So not only are the refs, linesmen, ball boys and balls involved in this pro-Barca conspiracy, it's also the grass and goal posts, not to mention a cosmic force that wants Barca at Wembley and blah blah blah...

  1. Lee Alonso says:

    We should invite Yoda for next the game. May the force be with us! \o/

  2. Sarah says:

    LOL! Sarcasm just knocked me off my chair =D
    Tremendously funny!

  3. Jahnawi says:

    “When Perez said “Two goals?” and I said “at least”, I thought we were talking about Real Madrid.”
    shouldn’t it be Barcelona?
    Like he thought they were talking about Barcelona’s goals..?
    Maybe that’s what you mean, but I gathered the other meaning from the statement and thought you might have made a mistake there.

    • fcbfandrivel says:

      I remember reading a barcastuff tweet that said Perez told Ronaldo “So two goals from you today?” and Ronaldo replied, “At least 2 goals, if not more”, or that’s the gist of it. That’s to provide context for that caption. 🙂

      • Jahnawi says:

        I read that too.. but had it been ” I thought we were talking about barcelona!” that would mean ronaldo never intended to try and score goals but was thinking about conceding..
        Right now it means that Ronaldo was expecting goals from RM and Barca scored them and he’s frustrated about it and thinks florentino was talking about Barca anyway.

  4. Miguel says:

    We still playing? I have my notes all written down for the press conference.

    That’s how I am after every Barça game! I love your stuff. Keep it coming!

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