The Pique Journals – Part XI

Posted: April 30, 2011 in footballmood
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You know how all these weekly columns have a picture of the author looking contemplative and intelligent? Well, this is mine.

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Hola Amigos! It’s me again, Geri Pique! And there’s a reason for the delay in my usually prompt column! What do you mean you didn’t notice any delay and were just thanking your lucky stars? Haha, that’s funny. Well anyway, so I wrote this longish piece and handed it off to Masche for proof-reading, you know, because the rest of the boys wouldn’t know their adjectives from their adverbs even if you hit them over the head with it. Surely a man who speaks so well in a press conference would be able to proof-read? Well apparently not. Masche returned the draft to me with everything struck out. And I has to start from scratch. So that’s that.

Oooh, I hope you saw the classicos! Very exciting!! Well, the first one, not so much. We didn’t quite go all out because of the eight point lead, and Real Madrid didn’t either, because…of the eight point lag? And the second one was kind of a washout too. We tried to play football whenever we weren’t face-down in the grass after being hacked down with a Real Madrid player sitting on top of us, but it was kind of rare. The third classico was no great shakes either, coming to think of it. It was kind of like a free-for-all, where some participated in dance & drama, some in taekwondo, still others in the art of persuasion with the referee, the less creatively-inclined just kicked around a ball, and Leo Messi was just being ridiculous . But we won, and that’s the important thing, though I sadly fear we might have unhinged Mourinho in the process.

We love Mou, we really do, when he’s not talking through the back of his head. Florentino Perez must have caught the warning signs when his coach turned up for a pre-game press conference and started to ramble on about atomic energy and mechanical force. But you know how it is sometimes with Mou & his press conferences, and Perez probably attributed it to some kind of mild concussion after hitting his head somewhere….

This is our post on FootballMood. Read the full post here.


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