FC Barcelona: The Final Sprint

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Random Observations

I played Xavi & Leo for 90 minutes two days before a CL semi-final for THIS?

 Congratulations to Real Sociedad! They played a great game. Congratulations to FC Barcelona for having the strength to just turn up for the game given the intensity of the past few weeks. We don’t know why the deuce Xavi and Leo Messi started this game and played for the full 90 minutes. Maybe Pep intended to sub them out later in the second half, but he should have known we are unlikely to finish any game without a couple of defender injuries. And what’s with that anyway?!

It’s sad that Montoya, the youngling with aspirations, will be out for the rest of the season after a gruesome injury to his shoulder and collar bone. It’s sad (no, really) that Gabi, the veteran, is out for the rest of the season too after a tear in his calf muscles. So now, not only are our defenders falling like nine pins, but we’re borrowing defenders from Barca B and taking them out too. It’s like a giant defender conspiracy hatched by UNICEF in their underground basement where they also apparently hypnotise referees and UEFA officials to do their bidding, well, according to Mourinho at least. Oh wait, UNICEF only conspires against Real Madrid. So who could this be? UNHCR maybe?

We will hopefully have 6 games left till end of season. 4 league games, the return leg against Real Madrid, and if all goes well, Wembley. Out of which we have to win 2 and at the very least draw 2 to go home with two shiny pots (that we promise the Barcelona players will not try to flatten under the bus). A win and a draw will clinch the Liga. A draw against Real Madrid and a win in Wembley will clinch the Champions League. The Copa was lost while Real Madrid players were stepping all over our players, just literally and NOT figuratively. After everything that our amazing players have given us this season (and last season. And the season before that), it’s time for them to step up once more for the final dash to the finish line.

Meanwhile, UEFA clearly shows it has a sense of humor by selecting De Bleeckere as the referee for the Barca-RM semi-final. Unless they pick referees in random out of a giant bucket, in which case, it’s fate (or the omnipotent UNICEF depending on whether you’re Mou or not) that’s having a good chuckle. Let’s just say Busi would be well advised to refrain from rolling on the ground or clutching his face unless someone’s bitten off his nose. And there better be real blood to prove it. If there’s one thing referees hate, we bet it’s being made to look like silly asses.  And it’s a pity Bojan is unfit, or he could’ve scored a goal (okay, we admit that’s a stretch) and done his shooting celebration at the ref.

We’ll leave you with this video. Visca el Barca!!

  1. ella says:

    why who is this refer and wat has he done u scared me?/?????

    • fcbfandrivel says:

      Oh, didn’t mean to sound all ominous about the referee. Just found it funny that we got the same ref that we did for the Inter game last year, the one who sent off Motta (and disallowed Bojan’s goal, which Mourinho is unlikely to remember).

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