FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid 1-1 CL: The Day in Pictures

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Random Observations
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CR to Pedro: Now I know who you are. But how much do you make?

Quick! Get the ball while we grab his nose!

Leo, when Pep told us "you know what to do with FKs", well...do you?

Judging from Pep's reaction, I don't think playing tiki taka with the FK was what he meant.

Hey ref, if you tried stopping him a couple of times, you'd do the same thing as me too!

Pedro: That was a fun! Can you do the disapparation trick again?

Di(ve) Maria: Sorry ref, but I can't stand it when people dive! That's cheating!

Mourinho asked me to tell you all that Mourinho is always right. There is nothing more to add.

King Abidal is back!!

It's on to Wembley now!

  1. ViscaBarca says:

    KING ABI ❤

  2. nlovers says:

    that picture of pep and messi sums up the whole match for me…

    pep and messi are always touchy with each other…

  3. Black258 says:

    Amazing as always, love Crissy qoute

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