Yet Another Head-to-Head: Messi vs Rooney

Posted: May 8, 2011 in footballmood
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You’ve read our previous head-to-head of course. You haven’t? Well, you ought to, we tried to settle the Messi-Ronaldo debates that’s been raging on forever. Next, with the ManU – Barca Champions League final coming up and all that, we thought it might be fun to do a Messi-Rooney head-to-head. Yes, fun for us, too bad you’re reading it. It’s only a matter of time before the English press starts churning those out, so we might as well pip them to it.

1. Apppearing Remotely Human

 Carlo Ancelotti settles this round for us.  “Everyone goes for Messi but I would take Rooney” says Ancelotti, ever the revolutionary thinker, “Messi is out of this world. Rooney however is closer to the reality of football”. There you go, bet no one thought of it that way. So there’s some negative points for Messi right there, for deliberately ignoring our laws of Physics, considering the amount of time Sir Isaac Newton put into it. Play like an earthling next time, and Ancelotti might just consent to have you around on the bench. Let this be a lesson learnt.

Scores: Rooney – 10, Messi – 3

2. Goal Celebration

We hate to keep bringing this up, but Leo Messi does thank his grandmom after every goal. Which is incredibly sweet,but it is not quite as cool as swearing into the camera and getting suspended for a couple of games after. And you might have read our speculation on how Messi’s girl friend is upset that he’s not making cute heart signs like Puyol instead. We’ll give this round to Rooney.

Scores: Rooney – 10, Messi – 6

3. The Graceful Art of Falling Down

Just take a look at this picture. It’s poetic, to say the least, Rooney looks like he’s about to take off and fly. At least he better, for the sake of the poor unsuspecting bloke in red lying down on the grass seemingly unaware of the great weight about to descend on him. Has Messi ever fallen quite so graceful on the football ground?


Scores: Rooney – 9 , Messi – 4

4. Best “I am the king of the world” Imitation

This is our post on FootballMood. Read the rest of it here.

  1. Rooney v Messi is going to be the real deal!

    But don’t underestimatevthe role Ryan Giggs will play. . .
    Giggs is playing the best football of his career for the best football manager of all time

    and that’s why United will beat Barca

    whatever happens it’s going to be a great advert for The Beautiful Game

  2. CuléForLife says:

    Oh FIFA, next time, do consult fcbfandrivel before giving out Ballon d’Ors to undeserving candidates. 😉

    Honestly, I am now truly afraid for the CL finals!

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