Future of Barca Players on Twitter Revealed!!

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Random Observations
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So, we here at FcbFanDrivel have purchased a brand, new crystal ball. It’s shiny, round and if we keep staring at it, gets all smoky and shows us the future. How very neat! So what’s the obvious first thing any sensible person would use it for?! No, not stock prices, don’t be silly. We used it instead to find out what our Barca players will be tweeting in the near future, because, well…okay, it’s something to do. So here are our findings.

Dani Alves:

“Hola! I am in training and decided to sit on the Powerade box to tie my shoe laces. Here’s a pic. Visca Barca!”

“Buenos dias twitteros! 4 more days to the CL final! Here’s a pic of me smiling at the very thought! Visca Barca!”

“Hola! Today I learned to balance a ball on my head while jogging. Here’s a pic. Visca Barca!”

“Buenos dias twitteros! Here’s a pic of me deeply wondering what to tweet today. Visca Barca!”

Gerard Pique:

“Ooooh! Prince Harry has good news to share! I’ll not say what it is, but I’m flying to England for another grand royal wedding! Moc moc!”

“Ooooh! I have decided to start my Christmas tree early this year to avoid all the last minute pressure! One decoration per week! Moc moc!”

“Did you know Poseidon made a horse to please Demeter and not Amphitrite? Oooooh! Never knew that!”

“Hola! I’m still working on the checked shirt competition! I have already finished 56 pictures out of 780000! Will keep you posted on updates! Moc moc!”


“I had a Pilates session this morning. It was a very good workout! Moc moc!”

“Here is my friend @javipobla! He is about to eat lunch. I will keep you posted about his progress!”

“I had another good pilates session in the afternoon after training! Juanjo Brau will not be happy, but he doesn’t know!!” (Editor note: Except now he does, he follows you on twitter)

“Ooooh! My friend @javipobla is about to eat a little afternoon snack. Here’s a pic of him waiting for the food to come!”

“Very sleepy after all the hard work today! Here’s a pic of my friend @javipobla eating dinner, now I’m off to bed. Good night! Moc moc!”

  1. Joely says:

    Hahaha I love this one 🙂 it wouldn’t surprise me if someone really post something of this 😀

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