So What Are Our Players Upto?

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Random Observations
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So what does Leo Messi do on the flight back home after a long, weary season of playing too much non-stop football without a break?

No surprises there. Thanks to @ellabarca for the photo link! (

Meanwhile, the Spanish NT has been together the past few days and no casualties have been reported. Our inside sources inform us that Spain coach Del Bosque has been counting his players every night before they go to sleep just to be sure, and it has all tallied so far – a very encouraging sign that the players might no longer harbor the inclination to murder each other in sleep.  Pique is back to normal and was spotted substituting several milk bottles with potato stew, an oft-repeated trick that only Ramos fell for this time…thrice. Casillas still thinks Real Madrid could have just as easily won the final against Manchester United had Pepe not been sent off, and if Ronaldo had scored three more goals and if Mercury. Saturn and Pluto had aligned in a straight line. That’s just too bad for them that it didn’t all work out.

Everything is right as rain in Spain.
In Argentina, Messi somehow managed to get himself almost punched in the face merely a day after landing in his hometown. This he did by trying to lunch out in broad daylight without any security in Rosario Central territory despite having played for arch rival Newell’s Old Boys as a eight year old. And Rosario Central fans never forget. “Would you like to use the back door?” the prudent waitress had apparently asked after seeing the crowd gathered outside the restaurant, and Leo fatheadedly declined. While his preternatural skills to evade anyone who gets in his way came in handy, we’ll all rest a little easy once he learns the skill of walking through people and objects from Iniesta. And maybe next time his mommy tells him “don’t go out without your bodyguard”, he’ll listen.
Meanwhile, we don’t see why FC Barcelona’s super talented footballers have to be such a difficult lot when it comes to following instructions. Yes, we’re talking about you, Carles Puyol. Puyol is trying to convince his doctors that it is entirely natural to start playing football a fortnight after knee surgery, and the good doctors thankfully remain thoroughly unconvinced. They have set a 2 month recuperation time window, which everyone will have to try the darndest to make Puyi stick to. If all else fails, Ramos (as an indication of growing goodwill) has offered to sit on him and hold his legs. That’s that then.
  1. Shahrzad says:

    About Puyol case, we also can use milito’s son to pull his hair as he did to Leo. he made the best player in the world so harmless, sure he can make the best defender stand still for a couple of days. plus we can survive the risk of any further creativity from Ramus for sinking our players down as his preseason project. why not?;)

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