The Pique Journals – Part 13

Posted: July 19, 2011 in footballmood
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(This is our post on FootballMood. Read the full post here).

Hola amigos!! It’s me, Geri Pique again, at the start of a brand new season! In case you were hoping fervently that I’ve forgotten all about my regular column with FootballMood, no that is not the case. You see, great football writers and thinkers like Cruyff, Guardiola and me have to recharge our batteries, otherwise things come out like the stuff fcbfandrivel writes (editor note: Hey!!). However hard it might have been, I told myself not to think about football tactics during the break, and now I’m back brimming with bright ideas!!

Pep to me: Quick Geri, tell me all your brilliant ideas when you still remember, I'll write it down!

First, you will be happy to see we’ve replaced the gray potato sacks that used to pass off as training outfits with more agreeable yellow ones. That was my last piece of advice before I left last season, and I’m glad to see it’s already in effect. The next step is to ensure Puyol shaves off his beard. I mean, did you see him yesterday?! Even for a person like me who likes to do extreme sports during vacation, it was quite a jolt to suddenly run into him around a corner, it made me drop my MP3 player and jump on Xavi! It’s not good for the morale of the team to be constantly unnerved by the sight of the captain. Sorry Puyi, but the beard will have to go.

That said, Pep and I spent a lot of the training session today standing next to the sprinklers and discussing plans for the season. “So what’s the plan for this season, boss?” I asked him. “The plan, Geri” he told me, “is for you to stand next to Puyol and pretend to be a good center back”. Hahaha. He is always funny, that Pep.

So here are a few of my great ideas for this season, exclusively for you, dear reader. Remember you read it here first, in case Pep uses any of this without due acknowledgement.

  • Deploy Villa on top of Pedro for set pieces. Then there is pace (Pedro can run really fast carrying Villa, believe me), and there’s sufficient height to get the job done. Note: Pep stared at the sprinklers for a long time after hearing this idea, think he likes it.
  • (contd on FootballMood)



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