Spanish Super Cup & Fabregas Signing: The Day in Pictures

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Random Observations
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Here we go again. Yet another Clasico.

Eye contact could cause spontaneous combustion. Or we could be turned into stone. Something like that.

This is all turning out exactly like I predicted in my pre-match press conference, darn it!

Marcelo: Isn't there some fundamental law forbidding a person from being at more than one place at any given time? This guy is everywhere!

Messi assist. Villa brilliant goal. Some things never change.


Sitting on a player is sooo last season. A kick in the face is the new "in" thing in Madrid.

Messi: If Dani doing his best Energizer bunny imitation on the right wasn't bad enough, now there's Alexis too! Watch out, they're making me dizzy.


Barca announce they've done the unthinable signed Cesc Fabregas. No, for real this time!

And to dispel any notion that we’re unnaturally obsessed with the Fabregas, they released this creepy fondly indulgent video of Cesc’s Barca days.

And all's well that ends well! Welcome home, Cesc!!

  1. Welcome home, Cesc!

    And oh, what a creepy video…

  2. Lady GaGa says:

    Cesc is awesome!!! Anyone who was saying not to buy him – will eat their words…….

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