Barca Wins SSC – The Day in Pictures!

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Random Observations
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Karanka: Don't all of you mark Messi at once. About 5 at a time will do.

I'm okay, I'm okay, not to worry, Pepe hasn't killed me yet.

I said no to Man City for this?! And now my coach is going crazy too. Great.

It's nice to celebrate with Cesc. Haha his face looks all blurry this close.

Odd coincidence. Marcelo's face looks all blurry this close too.

I *must* set an example for my players by taking out the coaching staff.

Make faces at Messi? Check. Poke Vilanova in the eye? Check. Laugh and wink at referee? Check. What next? Got it! Burst a paper bag behind Perez!

When you grow up a little, you can play Yahtzee with the gang.

Football is kinda getting boring. Let's settle this based on a hand-to-hand combat instead.

One more silver pot! (Albeit a smallish one)

That was easy!!

Mourinho: "We intend playing like real men who don't go to the ground at slightest touch. Dive Maria will be spearheading our campaign."

The end.


  1. Barca says:

    Iniesta raised his hand to admit he commited a foul, not that he himself was kicked. Otherwise all captions are funny and the pics are great.

    Visca el Barca i visca Catalunya!

    • fcbfandrivel says:

      Thanks for the context! Visca Barca!

      • Barca says:

        It was really great to see both Iniesta’s and Xavi’s reactions when they mistimed their tackes and actually kicked a RM player (happened only once with Xavi and only once with Iniesta). Both of them immediately raised a hand to say: “OK, my bad. Sorry, bad kick, I’ll try never to do that again.” Not like PEPE: “He is diving! I tried to kill him, but there’s no blood, so what’s your problem?”

  2. Sarah says:

    The only cheery thing i have came across after the match, thanks for this. All these pathetic fights and what not are just sad. It’s a shame to see such a good group of Spanish players fight like thugs. I blame “someone” for this 😛

  3. haha
    but dude, you forgot the best picture:

  4. Samzy says:

    Awesome.. * face looks blurry * too hilarious …

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