Our Exclusive Interview with Class of 87: Messi, Cesc And Pique!!

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Random Observations
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We are very glad to present to you an exclusive fake interview with the Class of 87! That’s right! After 8 long years of not playing together, the terrific trio of Messi, Fabregas and Pique reunite to battle for common glory. And did we mention that we have an exclusive first (fake) interview with all three together? We did? Oh well. Eat your heart out, Daily Star! You are not alone in the making up news department.

The Class of 87! (via tumblr)

FCBFD: Good evening, gentlemen. How many years has it been since you all played together last?!
Pique: Ooooh! Moc moc!
FCBFD: Er…moc moc! Messi?
Messi: Not that long. We played together in that second leg against Arsenal in Camp Nou where Cesc made that excellent back-heel pass to Andres that led to my first goal, remember?
Cesc: *cough* Moving on…

FCBFD: Yes, moving on to the next question, what was the first thing you said to Cesc in the dressing room?
Pique: I said “You are finally here! Welcome back kiddo!”
Messi: Me? “Cesc, you are sitting on my left shoe.”
Cesc: Which I was. It was most unpleasant.
Messi: I was searching all over for it. I thought it was one of Geri’s stupid pranks.
Pique: Pfft. I stopped hiding shoes after tenth grade.
FCBFD (interrupting): Sure sure, after you’d recovered your shoe, what did you say to him?
Messi: What kind of stupid interview is this?

FCBFD (hurriedly): Next question. How is Puyol?
Cesc: Let’s see…hmm…short, well built, with a lot of curly hair?
FCBFD: Never mind. Let’s try another question.If there’s one thing you could change about FC Barcelona this season, what would it be?
Messi: Villa’s hairstyle.
Pique: Villa’s hairstyle.
Cesc: Villa’s hairstyle.

FCBFD: Got it. Cesc, is there something you’d like to tell your fans who read our site?
Cesc: Sure! I would like to thank all cules for the very warm welcome they’ve extended to me. I feel totally at home, which technically, I am. But still, the fans are very special. Is your site in English?
Cesc: Then add “Come on, you Gooners!” to that.
FCBFD: Er…sure. Leo, would you like to say something?
Messi: No. I communicate to fans only after we win a final. And then I post a picture in Facebook and say “Thank God. Thanks to all of you!” As we haven’t won any final today, I have nothing to say.
FCBFD: And Pique?
Pique: Can I just say Moc Moc?

FCBFD: Of course! Thanks to all of you for taking the time for this interview!

  1. doris86pl says:

    ooooooooooch moc moc! thanks for this wonderful interview! it totally brightened my not very funny morning, have a oooochmocmocish weekend

  2. RH says:

    lol hilarious

  3. emezie says:

    its realy nice. Keep it up. Pls greet cest 4 me. And to messi he is d best and pique be a gud boy.

  4. Mercy says:

    Please bring back Pique journals.they always made my day.

  5. fcbfandrivel says:

    Thanks RH & Emezie! Mercy, there was a Pique Journals piece last week on FootballMood.

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