Barca Back to Work After International Friendlies

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Barcelona Offside
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Poor Pep was missing his team!

This is our post on Barcelona Offside. You can read the full post here.

As we all know, Pep Guardiola is a perfectionist. And if there’s one thing any perfectionist football coach utterly dislikes, it’s not getting to see his players for over a week with seven important games coming up in the next 20 days. It must’ve been making him mad. It must’ve been making him want to stick a finger into Karanka’s left eye (okay, well, maybe not that mad).

After all, it’s not like the players were just on one of their usual (and safe) vacations…capsizing boats, toting AK-47s, fooling around on water scooters or jumping off planes with parachutes. No such luck. They were in fact indulging in the dangerous act of playing football around the world for their national teams risking (amongst other things) – injury, jet lag, tiredness, being bitten in the ankle by angry rival club players, accidentally drinking Pique’s potato juice and frightfully horrid pictures of themselves being preserved for posterity.

Rule No:1 of Potrait Photography: Try and avoid the camera angle from under subject's chin.

But they’re all back now sans any injuries (except maybe Dani Alves who seems to be suffering from LossOfGoodSenseItitis, promoting Neymar like there is no tomorrow). And that’s great news, the coach ought to be a very happy man. They have all displayed fine form during the friendlies too with Captain Messi creating chances out of nowhere, Xavi doing the unthinkable and scoring off free kicks, Iniesta performing more ghost-like wonders on the football field, Cesc scoring goals at his current average of one every three minutes (no? Certainly feels like it), Villa bagging a brace as well and Masche picking up two yellow cards in two games true to form. Chile might have lost its games, but Sanchez displayed sound common sense in not plugging any of his club team mates in the resulting melee after Spain-Chile friendly. It’s all good.

They are back! Look, an actual player! Not an optical illusion.

In case you want to know which national team coaches to blame for varying degrees of FIFA Virus Attack – Masche,  Busi, Abidal and Messi (well, wouldn’t you know!) played the entire 180 minutes, while Alexis Sanchez, Villa, Iniesta and Xavi played close to a match and a half. The rest played less than 90 minutes. (source: This season really starts this weekend with the second Liga game against Real Sociedad followed by the first CL game against AC Milan to be played mid-week. So that’s that then. Visca Barca!

Hey, did any of you see the ball anywhere?!

This is our post on Barcelona Offside. You can read the full post here.



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