Is The End of the World Nigh?

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Random Observations
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“FC Barcelona will not win the champions league this year” – journalist on twitter

Pity the budding Nostradamus didn’t follow it up with the winning lottery ticket number for the day while he was still gazing at the crystal ball , might have come in handy. Still, there’s more.

“Don’t Blame the Middle Man – Why Pep is Responsible” – reads one headline.

“The End of Tiki Taka?” – reads another headline of an article tweeted by Michael Robinson.

“The After Effects of Losing Queca” – reads a third.

Okay, we made the third one up, but you get the general picture. And talking of Queca,

“We’ll continue working as we have up to now, and not listen to what’s said from outside. Sooner or later the results we want will come. We’re in no doubt whatsoever” – Carles Puyol

“We have to pick ourselves up and keep working.” – Alves

“The most important thing is for the fans to be with the team” – Victor Valdes

Judging by just the sampling of reactions above and the defensive statements from the players – if you’ve been away for a while you would assume the unthinkable has happened! FC Barcelona has been knocked off its pedestal! The apocalypse is upon us! Well, no. As unbelievable as it sounds, the other team played well. And you’ll be happy to know Barca retains its fatheaded habit of getting all complacent and making dinner plans together when they’re just a single goal ahead, invariably conceding the equalizer.

As is our wont whenever we sense a disturbance in the Force, we decided to setup a small (*cough* fake *cough*) interview with the wise Yoda Zubizarreta.

Us: Thank you very much, Mr. Zubizarretta. May we call you Zubi?
No you may not.
Us: Yeah that’s what we thought. Here’s the first question, Mr. Zubizarreta. So has Pep Guardiola morphed into Arsene Wenger?
No! I know Pep very well, and I assure you that he will never wear puffy coats.
Oh…we meant…never mind. But we drew the away game against Real Sociedad!
If you remember, we lost the away game against Sociedad last season. Not to mention, we also lost the second game of the Liga against Hercules. Surely a draw is better?
Don’t be such a darned optimist, sir! We are fourth in the league table! The end of the world is nigh.
We were eight in the table same time last season. In fact we were third or lower till the eighth game of the season.
But we threw away a Liga game!
So we did. Tough luck.
Okay, that’s all fine. But a draw at home for a champions league game?
Er…in the group stage?
You remember Rubin Kazan of course? Remember Arsenal away game last year? And that was in the knock-out stage actually.
This is all because Pep thinks he can walk on water!
(surprised) Well, didn’t you know that he can?
Us: Oh.

And that was that. So we just have to stay calm and trust in Pep’s psionic powers to do the needful then. Here’s a video of Xavi reassuring us with “These things happen because we’re rich, handsome and great football players”. Oh sorry, that was Cristiano Ronaldo. Xavi just says he is calm and annoyed. Like the rest of us fans we suppose. Right-o. Visca Barca and let’s win the next one!

  1. barcafan says:

    omg ! you changed the layout ????
    but its pretty cool 🙂
    oh, and btw, great post ! ^.^

  2. nice layout… and though i knew pep could turn water to wine, walking on water is what i’m not so sure of yet…

  3. figo29 says:

    The world doesn’t end here. and here are my personal remarks on the Barcelona vs Milan game, too:

  4. Phephe says:

    Nice post, had me laughing. I know you from BFB but didn’t know you have your own blog. Very nice. Oh and I don’t know how the previous layout was like but i like this one, it’s nice and fresh.

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