Things We Didn’t Do Well During Osasuna 8-0

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Random Observations
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“I rewatched the 8-0 today because it can be useful for Valencia and there are still things that we don’t do well.” – Pep Guardiola (translated by @fcblive)

If there’s one thing our experience as Barca fans has taught us, its that Pep Guardiola is always right. If Pep told us the sun is indeed a square, we wouldn’t look up to check, we’d just take it for a fact. If Pep told us we don’t need centerbacks, we’d wiggle our toes a bit and make lame jokes, but we’ll still believe him. I’m sure Rosell will concur. “It’s not in my place to ask why, but just to figure out the how” he’d probably say if he had the teeniest bit of sense, which we are now convinced he does. So when Pep says he rewatched the 8-0 and there are still things Barca doesn’t do well, the Osasuna coach might vehemently disagree or even be tempted to poke Vilanova in the eye, but we agree with Pep and set about to find them. So what could those things possibly be that Barca doesn’t do well? Here’s our guess.

  1. Score a goal after every Barca player has touched the ball without any rival player getting to it: Okay, when we say “touch the ball” we don’t mean it literally, so Busquets, take note. That said, there was one such wonderful opportunity against Osasuna where after all conditions were met, Messi made an accurate pass to Cesc, who in turn made an accurate pass to the rival goalkeeper. Not done. Cesc might be morphing into one of those goal-scoring machines but he missed that one, hence the collective goal still remains undone.
  2. Defend Corners: Yeah, that. I think by now we all have a good idea as to how Barca go about defending corners. The players stand around randomly, and as the opposition player takes the corner kick, there is a mad scramble, widespread panic shortly followed by the ball somehow making its way into the net and the players still standing around randomly but with their hands on their hips this time around. A little room for improvement there.
  3. Avoiding the Goal Post: If only there were a rule in football awarding half a goal if you hit the goal posts, Barca would be winning every game by a landslide. Despite repeated instructions from Pep that the key is to get the ball between the goalposts, and not through it, the team keeps attempting it. Bet that had Pep frowning heavily when he re-watching the 8-0. Perfectionist Pep doesn’t like 8-0 scorelines when they could have been 12-0.
  4. Taking Free Kicks: The players look focused enough as they step up to take the free kick. They adjust the ball, look like they mean business, take perfect aim, and send the ball soaring along a delightfully curving trajectory…only it’s either straight at the goalkeeper or the goalposts. Raising hopes only to dash them to the ground. Room for improvement? You bet.
  5. Playing with any random back-line: If there is one Pep cannot understand, it is why his players cannot be just as effective with JDS at RB, Busi at CB and Ibi Afellay at LB. How is a manager supposed to rotate 18 first team players if those dudes in the front require traditional CBs and all that jazz when all they need to do is to hold on to the ball for a simple 90 minutes? A problem, yes, but not unsolvable for Pep. He’ll figure out a way to make JDS a RB even if it’s the last thing he does at Camp Nou.
  1. “He’ll figure out a way to make JDS a RB even if it’s the last thing he does at Camp Nou.” hope it’ll be so. aside from the result, this assures many years for Pep here @ Camp Nou!:P

  2. […] 如果说身为一个巴萨球迷,我们教会了自己点什么,那就是瓜迪奥拉总是正确的。如果瓜迪奥拉告诉我们太阳是个方的,我们根本不用抬起头去验证,而只需要认为它就是方的。如果瓜迪奥拉说我们比赛不需要中后卫,我们会看成一个轻松的玩笑,但是我们依然相信他。这点我相信罗塞尔也同意。“我不会去问为什么会这样,我只会指出,怎么会出现这种事情?”我们确信的是,只要当他发现了哪怕及其细微的一点不足,他就会这样发问。所以当瓜迪奥拉说他重新看了比赛录像并且巴萨确实在比赛中存在不足的时候,也许奥萨苏纳的主教练会提出强烈的抗议,甚至会跑去戳比拉瓦诺的眼睛,但是我们相信他,并且我们也要看看这些不足之处。那么哪些会是掩盖在大胜背后的不足呢?我们来猜一下。[原文] […]

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