Day In Pictures: Pep’s Notes Leaked

Posted: October 23, 2011 in footballmood

Pep's Note: Players affected by FIFA virus. Prone to lamppost imitations and dazed behavior. Revert to standard formation to avoid further confusion.

Pep's Note: Potential hamstring injury alert. Currently averages one per game. Consider asking RFEF for 4 subs per game - 3 regular, 1 for hamstring injury. Assuming we have 4 players left on the bench that is.

Pep's Note: Fascinating psychology. Never seen a goalkeeper so resigned to his fate as this one, squatting on his bottom as Messi passes him by.

Pep's Notes: When all else fails, deploy the number 10 and number 8 together in 'wreak havoc' mode.

Pep's Notes: Thiago at DM totally works. Except, susceptible to occasionally break out into dance moves.

Pep's Notes: Xavi is capable of leaping up like a performing seal near the goal. Reconsider current CK strategy of pretending the CK never happened.

Pep's Notes: Strict instructions to players that only two to hug Xavi at a time to encourage goal scoring.

Pep's Notes: Inform rival team coach. If any opposition player wants Leo's shirt, Leo will be glad to exchange shirts AFTER the game.

Pep's Notes: Shake referee's hand very politely. Refrain from saying "that was a penalty kick, you big numpty!". Reconsider PK sessions during training, we are never going to get one anyway.

Pep's Notes: My brilliant team is brilliant.

Pep's Notes: Buy Iniesta a cup cake.


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